Dress With Style. Long-sleeved Shirts Waffle Henley

Ever wanted to look fancy but also casual at the same time ? Long-sleeved t-shirt from Waffle Henley has a unique design, fits well on any body type and comes in two colors, one is faded black canvas, the other is paper. Wondering if it fits all the size, well it does, having a range from XXS all the way to XXL, making it very comfortable even for the smaller or the bigger ones.

The specific Henley neckline makes this t-shirt very classy on the button having a three-button placket so that you can look casual as well as business when needed. Long sleeves with ribbed cuffs fit perfectly on your arms making you flexible as needed for your daily activities. The even-sewn hem gives it an extra touch of good taste.

Longsleeved shirts Waffle Henley are made 100% out of cotton, crafted and textured it has been heavily washed to it the aspect of time-worn and weathered appearance. This t-shirt can be easily washed in any washing machine for a large range of washing programs. Giving you the look of a mature male, this t-shirt fits well for your personality bringing the best qualities out in you.

These t-shirts also come in various forms, they are available in over 14 colors and are also designed for warmth and giving you a sense of soft comfort due to two-layers of protection to stay dry and warm.

Going out with your spouse wearing a longsleeved shirt from Waffle Henley, she would look fabulous trying dresses Ralph Lauren, making you two the most classy couple out there. Overall these are great t-shirt will definitely suggest to anyone interested in upgrading his looks, but also for those who want to buy high-quality apparel, emanating a much higher sense of confidence and good taste.

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